Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Vintage Victory Roll Tutorial

Gothic culture has been popular for centuries, but have you ever had the courage to wear something dark and vintage yet stylish? With the theme of 1940's vintage combined with glamorously Gothic styled make-up, you can create a look that would be fantastic for formal gatherings and parties.
Victory Rolls are what they say on the tin: Victorious! This 1940s hairstyle, which is inspired by the World War II plane manoeuvres on their arrivals home, is possibly a favourite vintage hairstyle of all time. The rolls, created by sectioning and twisting the hair up on top of the head, create such elegance and glamour while also being playful and cute. This means this style is not only suitable for evenings out, but for day occasions too! It doesn’t just look good, but it is also a hairstyle that is fairly easy to accomplish - even for styling beginners! 

I did this style on my friend Megan, and this is how...

Basic Victory Roll Guide:
  • Part your hair. It doesn't matter if you have a side or middle parting, it works just as well whatever your preference.
  • Take one side of your hair, and run a finger from your ear up back in a diagonal line to the back of your head.
  • With this section of hair you have now created, you will want to brush it through and curl it. Once this is done, start back-combing the underneath of the section.
  • Smooth out the top of the section (while not undoing any back-combing you have created, as this is what will help keep your hair in place) and start to wrap the ends of the hair around two of your fingers.
  • Once you have the shape of the victory roll around your fingers, you now want to keep rolling it towards the top of your head.
  • When you are satisfied with the positioning of the roll, keep it in place with as many Bobby pins as necessary and spray it with hairspray.
  • You can mess around with the shape of the roll if you're not happy with it, and spray it down into the way that you want.
  • You also will want to try and smooth down any little hairs to get a nice slick look to the victory rolls, and again spray it in place or use wax.
  • Then repeat for the other side of your head!
Dark eye make-up is something that many people are a fan of, and by gently blending a dark shadow from the outer corner of your eye into a lighter silver on the top of your lids you can turn a day-look into an evening style in a matter of minutes. Not to mention that a little shimmer that glistens in the light can make you into a sultry seductress!
To top this vintage evening look off, you can just add a little contouring under your cheekbones and your favourite lipstick and voila! You are now officially a gothic goddess. And let’s not forget your heels!

If you’re not looking to wear your victory rolls out on a night out, they look just as fabulous with simple liquid liner, some light blush and lipstick for day-wear! If you fancy it you could even curl the rest of your hair for another cute look. Versatile rolls anyone?

Monday, 26 October 2015

SFX Halloween Make-up

So... As Halloween is coming up (one of my favourite times of the year), of course I am going to do a few posts on this, even before I've had the chance to do some posts about my holiday to Turkey! Obviously spooky make-up is more important...

I've decided to do a throw-back to when I first experimented in doing SFX make-up earlier this year as it's fitting with Halloween. It's pretty simple and easy to create which is good, and being a beginner I was pleased to be able to create something that actually turned out pretty well!

All you would need to recreate this look of a cuts and bruises is some foundation, powder (pale in colour), a sfx colour wheel (or if you don't have this, you could always use purple, blue, green, red, blue and yellow eye-shadows), some make-up wax/clay and some fake blood. 

I personally started out this look by covering the face in foundation and powder, before then grabbing my colour wheel and applying purple, yellow and green shades to the under-eye/cheekbone area on one side of his face to create a bruised look. This is extremely easy to do as it doesnt have to be neat or a certain specific colour as all bruises are different! I just used my finger to dab on the colour, and created mine purple in the middle with hints of green and yellow around it to be more realistic.

Now for the harder part... but still easy! To create the cute I covered the skin of where the cut was going to be in liquid latex so that anything I put on his face could be easily peeled off afterwards. Also the liquid latex was peeled off in parts to look like peeling skin. Next, I got a bit of my SFX clay and started to mould it into a long line. This wasn't neat at all, as it was going to be used to show one side of the cut in the skin! The messier the better! I placed the clay on his face and started to blend the edge of the clay into his skin so that it stuck to his face and looked like it was his real skin. I then repeated this process on the other side and connected the two pieces of clay together so I ended up with an oval shape. It's also good that it doesn't actually matter what shape you create this in, so experimenting is key. 
After I was satisfied with how the clay looked, I started dabbing colours from my colour wheel palette in red/yellow/brown shades inside the clay oval shape to get the basic colours down. It didn't look too realistic at this point, but it wasn't supposed to! I ended up using more liquid latex, along with tiny pieces of clay, to create a bumping textured surface inside the cut, while I kept applying more and more colour. By this point I realised it still looked too neat and that there needed to be some bruising and redness around the outside of the cut too, and so I grabbed my colour wheel again and lightly dabbed colours until I was satisfied.

The best and last part of this process is the fake blood! Once everything was how I wanted it to look, the final touch was adding fake blood to the inside of the wound and anywhere else I felt necessary, like in his facial hair. If you didn't think your cut/wound looked realistic enough yet, the red liquid saves it. 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Vintage Hair Wave Tutorial

Hello Everyone! It's been a while, but today I wanted to share with you a hair tutorial I've been meaning to share for ages now! It's been very busy for me recently with working and having a social life, so I haven't been posting as much as I would have hoped unfortunately.

This is one of my favourite ever hairstyles on people as it is vintage and glamorous. It's so feminine and pretty and I haven't seen anybody not suit  this hairstyle yet as it's so timeless and versatile!
Anyways, I made a video for this instead of choosing to write it all out in detail on here to make it easier to understand and allow you to see the whole process!
I hope you enjoy it.

Brief Steps to achieve this:

- Take sections of hair and pin-curl each section
- Leave pin-curls in for a while
-Take out pin curls and brush through the curls
-Spray in place!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Eye-Liner Idea

Hello Everyone!

Today I decided to try out a different eye-liner style, as I had some spare time and what better to do than spend it experimenting with make-up? It's not too different to my ultimate everyday cat-eye flicks I do usually, but it still makes a much more modern and interesting look.

I was originally planning a sort of sixties inspired look, but by the time I had done this make-up I thought it looked quite cool on it's own and decided to keep it simple. All I did was do my usual cat-eye flicks, with my Rimmel London liquid eyeliner, and then extended from the tip of the outer line over the crease of my eye and then stopped the line a little way in from the inner corner of my eyes. I didn't join the line back to my inner corner line as I thought that wouldn't look as good and was not necessary in this simple make-up look. Although this make-up is simple, it was actually quite difficult to keep the line in the crease of my eye the right size as well as stop it from smudging when blinking, but once completed I really liked the outcome of this make-up.

I kept the rest of my make-up plain and simple, without my usual red lipstick, as I thought that would make it too much and steal the focus away from the eye-liner which is the main aspect of this look.

I hope you like this post,

x x x

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

London Outing: V&A Museum & Buckingham Palace

The Victoria And Albert Museum is the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design, and a few months ago I visited it for the first time (from what I can remember) with my boyfriend, Jack,
I loved viewing all the exhibits, from the vintage fashions to the beautiful and extremely large paintings that made me wonder how somebody had the time and talent to create something over double the size of themselves.

I absolutely loved this room in the museum, as the gold detail that not only covered the walls but also the ceiling was just beautiful, and made me wish and wonder what it would be like to own something like this. This vintage look, with the large gold mirrors is something which I adore.

I love vintage and old-fashioned things whether it be clothing or furniture, and the V&A Museum was really inspiring for what I would love to own in my own little home when I move out. The room full of old rugs of unbelievable sizes, which made me wonder how and why they were ever made and where they were used, was really beautiful and the patterns and quality of them was amazing. Viewing them made me realise how much I would like to have a detailed piece (not of the same scale!) in a dining or living room of my own.

After we had finished with the V&A Museum, and with a few detours on the way, we walked all the way to Buckingham Palace as I had never been there before!

The scenery on the walk there was absolutely beautiful, I love daffodils so much - they're like the ultimate spring/summer flower.

I swear it is impossible to take a nice, normal photo with Jack; he's always trying to pull funny faces! Although I still haven't ever been able to get his natural smile out of him for my selfies, these taken by Buckingham Palace will have to do!
Now for the important stuff which I have been waiting to write about:

For my make-up I was wearing my usual every day make-up that consists of my favourite red MAC lipstick, my NARS concealer, MAC powder foundation, Rimmel London liquid eye-liner, Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara and Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil.

I was wearing one of my favourite outfits of all time which is my little black lace crop top, short black lace skirt, big black velvet/fur coat, tights and black high heeled boots - ALL from Topshop! (Yes I am addicted to Topshop... And the colour black... And Lace...)

The crop top and skirt actually weren't part of a set, but being both black and lacey I thought they go well together and look like they belong as a two piece. They're both actually some of my favourite all-time items that I love to wear.
Although some people view my style as OTT, I really love this outfit as it makes me feel confident as the tight lace pieces don't show too much skin while still making me feel positive about my body as they fit very well. I often find it hard to find clothes that fit me extremely well but as I got them in a size 4 they fit snug and not baggy at all which helps make me feel more positive and confident about my figure. This outfit is controversially an evening outfit, but that doesn't stop me wearing it during the day! My big furry coat made it feel a bit more casual though.
If you want to wear something, that's what matters most- not other people's opinions!

Sorry for such a long post, and picture spam! I just had so many pictures (and so many more that I haven't been able to post!) that I wanted to show I couldn't resist. I was long overdue for a blog post anyway!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post,


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

NARS Chantilly Radiant Creamy Concealer

I have been meaning to write a post about my first ever NARS product - the Radiant Creamy Concealer in it's lightest shade, Chantilly- since I first received it a few months ago but I've been too busy with work, so finally here it is! As I had only ever used foundations, I researched into concealers for extremely pale skin as I have dark circles under my eyes which are not easily covered and so thought that I'd give concealer a go.
I was mainly worried about the shade of the concealer because as previously mentioned I am very pale and everyday high-street brands never have a colour near to the paleness of my skin-tone, but on arrival of my NARS concealer I was pleasantly surprised just how light it is as it is so difficult and almost impossible to find extremely light shades. The match is the closest match I've ever had to my skin-tone which I was very happy about.
Being quite expensive compared to my usual make-up supplies, I was a little concerned about not liking how the product covered and blended with my skin as I didn't want to spend that much on a product I wouldn't wear again! However, despite the fact my under-eye circles aren't completely

 covered (not that I ever expected they would be) I'm really happy with the cover of the concealer as the liquid makes it easy to apply without having a really noticeable thick coverage, which is good as it looks natural and blends into the skin so that it isn't really visible while still getting rid of a lot of my under-eye circles. I also use a little bit of it on any discolouration of my skin like spots or just red patches and I find it does well in giving me an even skin-tone as it blends so well. I find with this product you also don't have to use much of it as a little goes a long way and so it will last for quite some time so you're definitely getting your moneys worth.
Although my skin still isn't perfect (having combination skin can be really difficult in finding a product that compliments it), I am pleased with the result of this product as it isn't too oily for my skin and, although I still get dry skin, it minimizes it compared to some other products.

Overall, I really like this product and think I will buy it again!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection

Hi guys! It feels like forever since I last posted but it's been pretty hectic for me these last few weeks. However, I thought it's about time I spoke about the best bargain I have ever bought in my life: the Revolution 'Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection'.

I bought this a while back during the weeks leading up to Christmas while I was initially looking to buy presents for other people, but on seeing this I had to have it for myself! Being that is was only £10 (!!!) I admit I had my doubts about what the quality of the eyeshadows would be like as it is so cheap for 144 different shades, but I was pleasantly surprised since trying some and I have come to the conclusion that I could not go without it!

There are both matte and shimmery shadows, as well as a large variety of colours to choose from. Many of the colours are light creams to dark browns which means there is plenty of shades for everyday make-up for you to wear, however if you enjoy dark colours on a night out or even bright shades either for parties or for make-up art for fun or photo-shoots there is also a wide range for every situation.

As you get so many shadows for a small price (considering I see many eyeshadow palettes for this same price that come with around 5 shades) I thought that the colours wouldn't show up very well and that it wouldn't be very lasting... But it's months later and none of the shadows have run out at all yet and they are just so pigmented and are so bright and vibrant even once applied!

I absolutely love this product, and fully recommend it for those of you that want more eyeshadows without spending a fortune.

Hope you liked this post!
Thank you for reading,